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The Source for Custom Client Applications.

When Accuvoice off-the-shelf software packages won't satisfy the client needs, consider custom applications. Accuvoice can develop dynamic VXML and CCXML applications using industry leader developer tools, via existing templates or completely custom depending on client requirements. Our custom application pricing can include application design, application development, script consultation, professional script recording in multiple languages, speech digitization, database interface, full path testing, complete project management and installation. On site or remote training is available depending on client needs. The custom application can make use of any or all of the advanced capabilities of the today's platforms.

Some of these capabilities include Natural Language Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, Out-calling, Faxing, and Call Classification Analysis. A Statement of Work will accompany any custom proposal, and price will be determined by the scope of the project and options selected to fit the client's business situation and operating environment.

Accuvoice has the Industry expertise in many markets, to assure a solutions that is cutting edge and can give your client's a competitive advantage through a cost-effective solutions. Accuvoice understands the broad range of services that combine to make a customer solution. Virtually every solution is the combined result of not only the product functionality, but the wide range of services that go into make the product work for a given customer's environment. The list will give you a brief view of some aspects of our overall solutions. .

Consulting.  We offer consulting services for the Avaya Experience Portal, Call Center, Customer Relations Management (CRM), and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) environments.

Voice Script Consultation. Just as important as the feature functionality inherent within an application is the manner in which it is presented to the caller.  The size and simplicity of the menus, the speaker's personality, and the ease with which callers can navigate the system are only some of the factors.  There are many others.  All of them combine to create a brand image that influences the overall perception of your business.  At Accuvoice, our voice script design experts can review existing scripts or design and develop new scripts. Experience with thousands of developed applications means quality applications that your customers will use to offload work from your customer service representatives.  

Training. Accuvoice can provide training on applications we developed with the initial install or when changes in personnel require additional training needs after delivery.  We can also train your in-house developers on advanced programming skills on a contract for services basis.  

Documentation. Accuvoice provides quality documentation with all of our delivered products.  Accuvoice can also provide documentation for applications developed by someone else.

Professional Studio Voice Talent. Businesses expend great energy and resources on creating and maintaining visual attributes within their business that portray and support the brand image of the company.  For better or worse, customers form conclusions about a business based on factors such as a clean/orderly appearance, the attire of employees, and the colors and quality of brochures and other print media.  Studies show that these perceptions are not limited to visual stimuli - your customer is also forming opinions about your business based on audio stimuli.  For most businesses, the telephone is the first entry point a customer makes to your business.  So the image and quality you portray on your voice system is as important as that portrayed anywhere else.

Request for Modifications. After initial implementation of applications, your environment is every changing.  Changes to the IVR applications need to be accomplished in a time sensitive and cost effective manner.  Accuvoice has a formalized Request for Modification (RFM) process to assure future changes are delivered in a quality fashion, whether on a case by case pricing or by using a pre-purchased block of work.

  • Company History

    Accuvoice Inc. is an award winning Developer and Provider of Self-Service and Contact Center Solutions supporting Industry Leading Products including Avaya, Cisco, and inContact. Certified at the highest level, Accuvoice designs and develops custom applications and off-the-shelf turn-key software solutions for clients in all industries as well as local, state and federal government agencies. Our services include the integration with your unique systems environment including host system or network. Our extensive experience with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enhances your callers’ experience via simultaneous voice and data transfers. 

  • Our Capabilities

    We are proficient in voice analytics, user interface optimization, host integration, mobility, web enabled applications and Natural Language Speech Recognition. Accuvoice custom application development is accomplished with expertise in an array of market leader tools and systems. Our capabilities also include providing documentation, training, project management and testing.

  • Where We Deliver

    Accuvoice Inc. is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois with resources located throughout the US including, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

    We bring Global scope to your Contact Center with applications deployed in up to 11 different languages.

  • Operations Consulting

    We offer consulting services for the Self Service, Call Center, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and smartphone integration environments.  These services can be engaged on an hourly basis, plus travel-related costs if required.  They can be part of an overall solution or be used for future planning purposes.