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  • Company History

    Accuvoice Inc. is an award winning Independent Software Vendor and Voice Processing Co-Marketer supporting Avaya Experience Portal (formerly Voice Portal) and Avaya Interactive Voice Response and ancillary products. Certified by Avaya at the highest level, Accuvoice designs and develops custom applications and off-the-shelf turn-key software solutions for clients in all industries as well as local, state and federal government agencies. Our services include the integration of the Avaya IVR and its enhancements with the client's unique systems environment including host system or network and telephone switching equipment. Our extensive experience with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) allows us to provide our clients an extra dimension to their application by connecting computers and telephone systems to achieve simultaneous voice and data transfers.

  • Our Capabilities

    Accuvoice custom application development is accomplished with expertise in Avaya Orchestration Designer (formerly Avaya Dialog Designer), and for legacy systems in Avaya IVR Designer (formerly Avaya Voice@Work), and Script Builder.  These capabilities are enhanced by the integration of Natural Language Speech Recognition, host integration (TN3270, 5250, and others), and Web Enabled applications.  Our capabilities also include providing documentation, training, and project management.

  • Where We Deliver

    Accuvoice Inc. is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois with resources located through out the country including, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida.  We have delivered solutions from coast to coast and in Canada.

  • Operations Consulting

    We offer consulting services for the Avaya Aura Experience Portal, Call Center, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and smartphone integration environments.  These services can be engaged on an hourly basis, plus travel-related costs if required.  They can be part of an overall solution or be used for future planning purposes.

Take the best business deal

Accuvoice Packaged Applications are one of the fastest and most efficient ways of getting a quality application installed and working in your environment.  The Accuvoice Packaged Applications such as Accuvoice Auto Router, Accuvoice Quality Survey, Accuvoice Form Filler, Accuvoice Bulletin Board can be deployed as a virtual machine or a physical server with all of the required components pre-installed and ready to place in your environment.

The Accuvoice Packaged Applications can be deployed as a VMWARE guest virtual machine meeting the host virtual server requirement or on an IBM xSeries server hardware pre-configured to support the Accuvoice Packaged Application.  The preconfigured servers come with the Tomcat, Java, and PostgreSQL installed and configured to be used by the Accuvoice Packaged application. The basic packaged applications are Auto Router, Bulletin Board, Form Filler, and Quality Survey.

Recent projects

12 Customized Auto Routers using Accuvoice's Web-Enabled Auto Router Package and Accuvoice's Web-Enabled Form Filler Package for a large insurance company.  Summer 2013.

Large county government outsourced their back-end operations to a service provider requiring all of the 32 Accuvoice applications to go through regression testing with the new host.  Accuvoice was brought into the project late but was able to complete the regression testing and confirm operation on schedule with the host provider's go live date.

Accuvoice installed, and provisioned an Avaya Aura Experience Portal integrated with a Cisco Call Manager.  The system was put in place to continue providing mamography lab results being provided by an Accuvoice application originally deployed on an Avaya IR and migrated to Avaya Aura Experience Portal.